7 Ways Cool Mist Humidifiers Can Help Your Home During the Summer

When the temperatures rise outside humidity levels indoors tend to drop. That’s when static fills the air and your hair begins to rise, your throat can get scratchy, and all sorts of irritable problems. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages people to maintain an indoor humidity level between 30 and 50 percent. Anything lower is a big no-no.

Air pollutants are a clear issue when it comes to your health. But did you also know that the indoor dry air in your home can affect your health as well? Since Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, it’s helpful to know the ways dry air impacts your health and why cool mist humidifiers are essential in the summertime. It might seem counterproductive since summer typically comes with a lot of humidity in certain areas. However, the summer can be the most important time for you to use a humidifier.

Dry air ailments include respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, sore throat; irritated eyes; dry skin; elevated stress levels; bloody nose; increase risk of infection; and, the most obvious, dehydration.

Although a cool mist humidifier isn’t the first thing you likely thought of in the summer months, it’s a great idea to buy one for you and your family. Air conditioners are great, but they have completely separate use. While your AC runs to keep you cool your humidifier will keep you healthy. Plus, AC’s actually dry out the air as the air slides over the coil and the humidity from the air is removed. To get a sense of what this looks like, just think about all of the AC’s running and the droplets of water condensing from them. That is the humidity being taken from the outdoor air and trapping it before the air is then cooled and flows into your home or office.

There are seven ways cool mist humidifiers can help your home during the summer.

Help you maintain an EPA-recommended humidity level

This proper humidity will help to avoid the listed illnesses above. Soon, you’ll begin to notice all the ways you once were irritated or felt sick and how they have suddenly disappeared.

It rids allergens

If you suffer from allergies you already know that spring and summer tend to be the worst months. A cool mist humidifier reduces and eliminates pesky pollen that causes sinus irritation. With a humidifier, you’ll feel relief as the air quality improves.

You’ll sleep much better

As a result of having a comfortable indoor atmosphere and less irritated breathing problems, you’ll sleep much better. Your nose will be better able to breathe, no more scratchy throat. You’ll find yourself drifting away into your dreams in no time as you stay there throughout the night.

It will even smell better

Because cool mist humidifiers come with water, there is another option on how it can help your home during summer. It can keep it smelling better. Look up essential oils online or in a store and all it takes is a few drops into the humidifier. From there, the fragrant scent will disperse throughout your home, giving it a fresh, clean feeling.

Keeps your furniture lasting longer

On the opposite end of things, sometimes it becomes too hot indoors and the humidity level rises too much. And you don’t want too much humidity on your furniture. The purpose of a cool mist humidifier is to spread out the moisture in your home so that it’s even. In the long run, this helps your floors, furniture, and the rest of those hand-selected pieces that make up a home.

The air quality will dramatically improve

With a cool mist humidifier, your home will be much more breathable. The humidifier works to purify the indoor air for allergy-free and clean air.

You’ll be more productive

Whether you use one in your office or at home, or in your home office, cool mist humidifiers can help you during summer by increasing your productivity. That can mean work, chores, awake time, or anything you essentially want to accomplish. The device circulates the air and provides better ventilation that will keep you feeling better, and less weighed down. With air at just the right humidity, not too hot, and not too dry, you’ll feel more comfortable all day and night.

You’ll see the difference in how you live, work, play, and sleep immediately when you purchase a cool mist humidifier. Whether you choose one for your home or office or both, with proper care these devices can last a long time and keep you healthier, and longer. What’s more, this isn’t made just for summertime use. You can use a humidifier year-round. Are you ready to transform your life and breathe better?

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