DIY Safety Products To Start New Business

One of the businesses that enjoyed booming during the coronavirus pandemic was sanitizing, cleaning products, safety masks, etc. People stopped going out less and less, and whenever they did, shows were mandatory. A lot of people have also started their DIY mask-making businesses. The mask-making production has been going on recently since the pandemic took place.

Types of Masks

There are different types of masks. All of them are within budget. The most renowned ones are probably surgical masks, the ones that we always see doctors and other workers in the hospital or clinic wear. Surgical masks are filtered though disposable, thus not reusable. Surgical masks have proven to work just fine and are customers’ go-to masks. These masks are not only used for dust but also for any droplets of respiratory issues.

Another type of DIY mask that you can make at home is the cotton mask. Cotton masks usually do not have filters, but if someone makes them at home, they can put a filter tissue in the middle of the cloth and sew it. Cotton or homemade cloth masks usually do not have the best protection, but they can protect you from dust and dirt.

Other than these, there are store-bought cone masks, respirators, etc. Other dust safety products include goggles, gloves, etc., which mostly come in handy for workers in construction and other industrial areas.

Masks made at home

The DIY mask-making business has been going strong since the lockdown was enforced. These masks are made at home, but they are likely to be very good in quality as well as made with fancy prints and patterns of fabric. The materials even include silk. The variety of these masks attracts more customers. This business also gave a lot of sellers an opportunity to make money during the virus outbreak. As well as give them a creative pastime.

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How to make DIY masks at home?

Making masks is an easy task. All you need is a piece of clothing of your choice, two rubber bands or elastics either will do the work as long as they are pliant and if you want to use it more than once then you can use tissue paper as a filter, anything that can be used as a filter will do the job.

You can use a sewing machine to sew the elastics to the fabric. You have to cut the material into the shape of the mask that you want to. Sizes may vary, so be sure to take the correct measurements. Now pin your elastics onto the sides of your fabric. You have to sew it twice if you are not used to sewing. You can also add a stick or a wire to keep the area around the bridge of the nose stable. You also have to place the filter of your choice on the fabric and then place another cloth of the same size to sew it properly. Usually, the cloth materials should not be longer than 10^6 inches in length and width. And there you have it, and your own hand-made face masks. Make sure the cloth you are using is clean and is not irritable.





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