Homemade Green Tea and Seaweed Mask for Glowing Skin

Both green tea and seaweed have been proven to be one of the best organic herbals for consumption. Green tea is often consumed for weight loss issues. But it can also be used on the skin, and because it is completely organic without any chemicals, it improves your skin condition faster.

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Green tea is excellent for acne and fights against bacteria. It also contains vitamin E, which hydrates the skin from the inside. Seaweed is a plant-primarily consumed in food, but it can also benefit the skin if applied appropriately. Seaweed helps slow the process of aging. It also produces collagen and balances oil on the face leaving it refreshing.

Both green tea and seaweed are strong enough components, and if you want to make DIY face masks with either, that in itself will be just fine. But green tea and seaweed may bring great results if used together. There are hundreds of recipes for making green tea and seaweed mask. And inevitably, it depends on you and how you want to apply it.


  1. One green tea bag. Usually, one teabag worth of green tea is enough. You can also use store-bought green tea powder. However, do check if the powder is authentic and if it suits your skin type.
  2. 2. 1/2 teaspoons of seaweed powder. There are different types of seaweed powder at the store so buy according to what will suit your skin.
  3. 1 teaspoon of honey. Honey works as a moisturizer. It smoothens the face and makes the skin feel plump.
  4. Essential oil. Though not mandatory because seaweed is a strong smell, it is better to use essential oils like lavender or chamomile. Essential oils leave the skin look shinier, so that is a win-win.
  5. You can also add aloe vera gel for further moisturizing, cucumber, etc., but they are not compulsory and can be skipped if you do not want to add them.

How to Make the Mask

Mix the seaweed powder and the green tea well. It is better to grind the green tea if you just extracted it from the teabag. For extraction, you can tear open the tea bag and put it in a food processor so that it dissolves into powder. Then you add the honey and a drop or two of the lavender or whatever kind of essential oil you have. If you decide to add cucumber, make sure to blend it into a paste before adding it. Mix all the ingredients and apply them evenly to your face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes max, and then rinse your face with normal temperature water. You can repeat the process about three times a week. There are no day or night routines for this, but it is best suited if you do this during the daytime.

What to be aware of?

Green tea can come in different packs, formulated for different skin types. So if you are buying green tea powder, make sure to check the ingredient list first. Moreover, make sure not to let the mask stay on for too long. You do not want over-exfoliation.

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