What is 1.5 Goals Handicap? Bets You Need To Understand When Betting 2023

What is a 1.5 goal handicap? is the most popular question today about handicapping. However, not all betting players can be sure of knowing it in the palm of their hand. Within the framework of the article Trang Chủ New88 will specify the most core information about this handicap.

What is the concept of 1.5 left handicap and how should it be understood specifically?

Understanding handicaps in soccer betting is not too difficult. However, not every bettor has ever done taking the time to learn the simplest things. The following information can shorten the time for bettors.

What is a handicap of 1.5 goals and how is it understood?

Handicap is often known as the content of Asian handicap and this match always has a parameter that is understood as the handicap ratio of the stronger team against the lower rated team.

Determining that there is a stronger team in the match helps the bookmaker quickly give the best parameters in the match, making bettors confused when choosing. The given parameter means that the weak team will be added to the final score and considered which bet wins.

Ratio What is a handicap of 1.5 goals?? That is a specific case of a handicap because the strong team handicaps the weaker team by 1.5 goals. This match often appears when the two sides have a large difference in strength as assessed before the match.

How is the 1.5 goal handicap determined?

The nature of the Asian handicap of 1.5 goals still selects the winning team, the losing team will have 1.5 goals added to the final score of the two teams.

  • If the team is considered stronger, if it wins the bet by a difference of 2 goals or more, the bet will win. On the contrary, the bet to win is the team that is rated as the underdog.
  • This bet by default has a win or loss and there will be no draw and the bet will be refunded when the handicap is 1.5, not an integer.

The most accurate way to read 1.5 handicap soccer odds

Once you understand the basicsWhat is a handicap of 1.5 goals? will bring many investment opportunities for bettors in their forte. Asian Handicap is one of the most attractive and widely participated bets, helping bettors a lot in choosing bets.

Explain information related to the 1.5 left handicap from the bookie table

On the odds table, Asian odds always appear as the main odds table with regular matches. The need to clearly understand what Asian handicap is will help bettors define what a 1.5 handicap is and distinguish the symbols on the general handicap table.

  • Regarding Asian handicap symbols in general: Handicap or HDP.
  • Betting time: The normal 1.5-ball bet will take place within the specified time of 90 minutes. Because the handicap of 1.5 goals in the vast majority of matches is quite high. With handicaps of 1.5 goals taking place in 1 round according to the house’s regulations, that match has a huge difference.

It is the large fluctuations in the score that make it difficult for players to dare to bet on the 1.5 goal handicap because it can be a fraudulent bet. Players should choose matches that can be compared and have the most basic information about the match.

Screenshot 2

  • Two team names: Usually the home team will be shown before or above the away team. On neutral ground, it is stipulated that the stronger team will be shown first in the same way as the home team.
  • Handicap ratio: Depending on the symbol of the odds table, however, once you understand clearly what the 1.5 left handicap is, you will see how to express the number 1.5 FT. The odds are on the same line as the team that must handicap, which means that the stronger team must handicap the opponent by 1.5 FT in the whole match or a single round.
  • The last column is represented as Odds, calculating the bet amount if winning or losing bet if failed.

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What is a specific example of a 1.5 goal handicap in the odds table?

With a specific example, the bookmaker with the Asian handicap of 1.5 FT will provide a good perspective for bets. In the match between Sporting Cristal vs Union Comercio, the two teams are considered likely to win with a difference when Sporting Cristal plays at home and has a very good attack.

  • The handicap on the odds table appears to be 1.5 FT, Sporting Cristal is considered a stronger team than its opponents.
  • The odds in the odds table are set for the entire match with 90 minutes of official play (FT) including overtime, excluding extra time.
  • Odds for Sporting Cristal is 0.89, for Union is 0.86.

Such a bet What is a handicap of 1.5 goals?Not too difficult to understand and easy to bet on. However let’s go New88 Look at soccer bets and predict wisely to win.

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