What is virtual sports and what you need to know

Along with the explosive development of online betting games recently, bookmakers are constantly upgrading and innovating games to best meet everyone’s diverse needs. And virtual sports is the fastest and hottest betting game today, loved by professional bettors. So virtual sports What is that? Is it easy to play virtual sports betting? How to bet… All your concerns will be answered New88 detailed answer below.
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What is virtual sports that so many people are interested in?

Virtual sports, also known as Virtual Sport, are matches or games that are realistically simulated on a 3D platform on the screen. Although it is only a simulation, football matches and sports are also set up just like in reality with large and small tournaments such as Champion Cup, Asian Cup, World Cup, tennis, and soccer. , basketball, horse racing, dog racing, with many popular types of bets: Handicap handicap bets, over/under bets for the first half or over/under for the whole match, European bets (1×2), exact score bets,…

Today we have many virtual sports games so everyone can participate in betting. However, the most popular ones are virtual football, virtual basketball, virtual horse racing, virtual dog racing, and virtual tennis. Depending on their experience and preferences, players can choose the type of betting that they feel is suitable.

How does virtual sports betting work?

You can simply understand that matches are programmed and simulated on a computer platform using RNG – Random Number Generator (Called: Random Number Generator). The content you see on the screen is similar to familiar video games such as: FIFA, PES, NBA, …

The player’s job is quite simple, choose the match in the tournament that interests you, choose the type of bet you want to participate in and wait for the results.

Many people think that virtual sports is a scam game, created to “suck money” from people. However, as mentioned above, the match result is determined by RNG, the house itself cannot interfere with the outcome of the entire match. Therefore, you can feel completely secure when participating in betting. No bookmaker would foolishly interfere with the match results to overturn players and ruin their reputation just because of a few odd bets, right?

Popular virtual sports bets today

For each different virtual sport, we have corresponding bets as follows:

  • Horse/cart/dog racing: Win, ForeCast, Tricast, Each Way
  • Bóng đá: Match Over/Under, Odds, 2.5 Goals, Total No. Of Goals, Correct Score, Double Chance
  • Tennis: Correct Score, Match Odds, Total No. of Points

Virtual sports betting experiences

To win in this virtual betting game, players must be experienced and have good analytical ability. And don’t forget to apply some tips that experts share and summarize as below.

Play at reputable bookmakers

It can be seen that there are currently thousands of bookmakers that players can easily and comfortably choose from. However, consider and find reputable bookmakers and ensure the technology they use in matches is the best and most honest. At the same time, reputable bookmakers must ensure maximum benefits for their customers.

A bookmaker is considered reputable: Has clear legal documents, good customer service, absolute security system,…
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Do not use betting methods like traditional football

In traditional sports betting, you may be a skilled, experienced player, but don’t let that make you bring that same prediction into virtual games. Because as mentioned above, the match score in these games is decided by a random number generator.

Don’t bet too much

Calculate carefully and absolutely do not bet too much on one bet. You should know where to stop to take profits before deciding whether to participate in the next bet.

In addition, when you participate in betting, you should keep your mind as comfortable as possible to make the wisest decision. If you lose consecutive bets, you should stop to avoid losing too much!


With clear legal conditions, 247 customer care, along with incentives and promotions for players, in addition to diverse betting games and high winning rates, then New88 is one of the reputable bookmakers in betting virtual sports that most of you trust and choose.

So what are you waiting for? Come in now New88 sports to enjoy the experience. To be able to comfortably participate in betting virtual sports With many good betting sports and attractive betting odds. Please call our hotline immediately if you need advice. Wishing you good luck in your bets!

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