Why Mid-Heel is the Best Height for Healthy Feet?

Shoes are considered as an important and functional accessory for everyone but especially it is more vital for women and girls, because they like to wear it in different styles, heights and colors too. Many women are obsessed with buying new pairs, even if they’ve many, they can’t resist buying new ones as well.

Right shoes can truly pull an entire outfit together, and any fashion-forward woman knows this very well. Shoes complete your entire look for any occasion and so their style and colors does matter a lot! This accessory must be part of your closet but considering comfort is essential for you and your health as well.

Wearing sneakers, loafers or other comfort shoes is the best thing you could do for yourself but it is inevitable to wear such a style of shoes everywhere and you might need heels or other types of shoes in order to attend semi-formal or formal events. Heel is a constant inner turmoil between choosing beauty and style versus comfort.

However, the best height of heels that will make you look good and are healthy too are mid heels. These heels must be less than or maximum three inches because they’re considered safe and don’t affect your body posture a lot while high heels can alter the biomechanics of your walking, make you feel uncomfortable and can slow down your movement as well.

High heels shift the body weight on the ball or heel of the foot, artificially lifting the arch of your feet, throwing off the center of gravity and stress on the knees and backbone. This could result in severe medical conditions and your ankle can get twisted too. Avoid such height heels as they could be dangerous and could cost you badly. Here are some good reasons why you should always prefer mid heels over other types of womens shoes.

1-Prefer small heels for all healthy reasons

Considering a high heel is simply damaging and wearing it regularly could cause you permanent backache and Achilles tendon problems. hey! But do you know, even flats are also not considered a perfect choice for your feet because it could lead to foot pain, bunions, back pain and plantar fasciitis under the foot, sometimes inflammation too. the situation even becomes worse, if a person’s foot is naturally flat with no arch in it. They’re strictly advised to avoid too-flat shoes, and always prefer a little heel, or an inch sole heel, that puts the foot in a more stable position. Even sport shoes and good brands consider this point before making their shoes like Nike, Adidas or Skechers.

2-Gives you perfect style and look

Many women’s top priority is only comfort over their looks and style. so they prefer buying no heels or flats, so they don’t feel any inconvenience when they’re out. Many are blessed with good height and so they avoid any type of heels to avoid artificial height, which gives them an awkward feeling. A flat shoe makes your walking style and posture quite casual and many times uninviting. However, a mid heel shoe that is less than three inches gives your walk the right amount of elegance and can elevate your looks amazingly.

3-Demand of many events

There are places and events in which you’re asked to wear at least mid heel in women’s shoes as they follow proper dress and accessories codes like in royal functions, formal office dinners and other corporate world events.

It’s perfectly acceptable to complete your look with a pair of mules, kitten heels or wedges too. Very high heels look cool but restrict your movements and could cause pain in your feet during the event too but in comparison to them, mid height heels give you the right look but with comfort and health.

4-Some misconceptions need to be cleared

We have often heard that wearing heels is not at all good for our feet and body and so we must avoid such shoes and sandals as much as possible. This myth isn’t that true as it has been talked about, at least for footwear.

Instead, many doctors suggest a podiatrist urge you to wear a good sole of an inch or more that gives your arch support and heel is better than none at all. Many researchers say, flat shoes seem nice, comfortable and relaxed but in the long run, the lack of support can cause significant damage to your feet, knees, hips, back and shoulders too. Many good foot brands have made soles that are inch high and are comfortable too.

5-Your job demand and footwear choice

Your workplace is a place where you’ve to follow some dress code along with proper looks and accessories, as per their demands. It’s not a place where you can dress casually even if you’re going there daily.

If your job requires you to stand for long hours or your designation is tough, where you’re moving from one place to another, rushing for meetings, you need something under your feet, that is comfortable, relaxing but yet elegant and inviting. Mid heel  shoes are the solution to your needs. Prefer kitten heels or block heels with little height that gives you the right walking posture and won’t irritate you in long busy hours.

6-Some accessories and preferred footwear choices

If you aren’t used to heels and you sometimes need to wear them or your job has this demand, it will become difficult for you to wear heels because you’re not used to it. This can make you feel tired and exhausted, prefer heels that support the ankle of your feet, too thin heels can put pressure on you, while block heels give you right support. Shoes with straps covering the ankle are also better in any sense. Block heels, kitten heels, mules and wedges are also some of the best choices in mid heels. Invest in some inserts, gel pads, sole pads to ensure that your wearing experience is cool and less painful.

Summing Up

Your health and comfort is really very important in any way, but sometimes you need to wear things that aren’t that good for you. Shoes are an essential accessory and you need to wear them according to the occasion and place. Picking the best options for yourself is the best thing you could do for yourself. I hope this article guides you in the right way and next time you consider these factors before buying a pair of shoes and heels.

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