Calacatta Black Quartz: How to Use

Black can be a strong color in interior design, there is no denying it. It can be opulent and dramatic or clean and contemporary. So, as a dealer looking for a way to give the space an edge, Calacatta black quartz might be the way to go.

Using black as the primary hue

  1. As an emphasis. Black quartz can draw attention to specific areas of the house. It can give depth and dimension to a room, giving a larger and more spectacular impression.
  2. To provide context. A piece of black quartz stone can serve as the ideal backdrop for other hues. Although it is sufficiently dark to prevent them from being overwhelmed, it yet has a lot of brilliance and personality of its own. This makes it a fantastic option for rooms that may need a little extra flair.
  3. As a tool for contrast. Black quartz slabs can give lighter decor elements an ethereal sense. It looks good in modern settings, especially ones that are a little more simple and more modern.
  4. As a stepping stone toward a more subdued color scheme. Calacatta black quartz stone might be an excellent transitional item between stark white and soft, warm browns. The contrast will assist unite those two aesthetics while preventing them from clashing.


Due to its adaptability, Calacatta black quartz stone can be used in a variety of ways to adorn homes. If any distributor who wants to know about wholesale black quartz, please browse our BITTO product line to find the best choice for your company or project plan.

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