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Housing Style and architecture differ from country to country. Apart from nations, housing styles also have altered and refined with passing decades. However, in the United States, housing styles are pretty fascinating. The housing architecture and designs varied to a greater extent from the colonial era to the modern age. The internal structure of architecture was known among people on the Atlantic coast during the 1780s to 1830s. The criteria of this design involved neoclassical elements alongside bright and lively interiors with sizeable windows and walls painted in white, well decorated but a discreet look that focuses on natural ingredients.   In recent days, Bohemian Craftsman Style, a style serving a more layered appearance, is commonly constructed in the buildings of America. However, Modern Ranch style and Farmhouses Style were widely popular in Mid Century.  However, there are many shapes and styles of housing in America, where fashions were soaked in classical designs with them anecdotal of the New World. The tale of these designs moved along with the history of America, which now is a nation of industries resembling its uniqueness.  Let’s go back in time to learn about the amusing housing styles commonly seen in the streets.

Log Cabin

The designs that were popular until the 1850s are Log cabin style. The style features walls made of log woods and a dogtrot and from one to three rooms layout. Around that time, builders used the nearest and most available element they could find: logs. Back then, logs seemed the best option as they were known in considerable quantities in Atlantic colonies and building shelter houses with records seemed the easy way.


Saltbox-style houses were typical from the 1607s until the beginning of the 1700s. The style has interesting features consisting of steep roofs, also called cat slide, that outstretches till the first story with a great chimney at the center, smaller windows of stained-glass in rhomboidal shape, or hung sash windows consisting of nine to twelve lights. The style was much more popular in the Uk. The early settlers designed the steep roofs, and such a roof helped to slough off the snow as the wood shingles, which is why this roof is the moratorium of the tiring days from the early 1600s. However, the style dated till the start of the 1700s, and now many of the saltbox styles are in the museum in East Hampton, New York. Meanwhile, a few saltboxes survived.


Georgian style, one of the most elegant styles to ever exist in the history of American housing styles, dates from 1700-1780. The style features a perfect symmetrical exterior. The interior consists of hung sash windows with nine or twelve lights in each sash, a double overlay door with columns, crossbeams lights, and a thistle chapel a few times. The South of the house was bricked, and the North was clapboarded along with an architrave frame at the beading. The style was inspired by the European styles and not the British Georgian style of that era, which was assumed by many. The style accentuates Attic Greek Anschluss Roman designs. Georgian houses were seen in every colony during the 18th century.

Every style was beautifully elegant that reflects the architectural beauty of America.

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