Women’s Wigs vs. Hair Toppers: Which One Should You Use?

Hair loss can take its toll on a woman’s self-esteem. As a result, they may start feeling low and lose their confidence. Several factors, including stress, contribute significantly to temporary to permanent hair thinning and loss. Unfortunately, treatment or hair regrowth products don’t always work. And so, the only solution is the use of hairpieces.

When it comes to hairpieces, choosing the right one is important. Being a first-time user, it’s quite normal to be confused about whether to use women’s wigs or hair toppers. Hence, this blog is to help women understand which hairpieces are suitable for them depending on their level of hair loss.

Women’s Wigs for Complete Hair Coverage

Wigs for women can be an excellent option for those looking for hairpieces to cover their entire head after experiencing an advanced stage of hair loss or balding. Women who face hair loss problems due to alopecia or chemotherapy usually consider wearing wigs.

How Wigs Were Life-Changing For Jaimee


  • Offer full coverage on the head after hair loss
  • Easy to wear and quick installation
  • Long lasting if maintained well
  • Multiple coloring and hairstyling options


  • Women’s wigs, particularly human hair wigs, are usually expensive
  • They need proper care and regular maintenance
  • Wearing a wig with a full head of hair can be messy and sweaty on summer days

Hair Toppers for Women with Thinning Hair

Hair toppers, also known as top pieces, are suitable for women who need partial coverage. Women often have to deal with hair shedding or thinning problems. Human hair toppers are designed for those women who want to cover certain areas with thinning hair rather than their entire head.

How To Choose Your First Hair Topper For Women


  • Look very natural since they can blend with your own hair
  • Hair toppers are lightweight and comfortable
  • They are more affordable than women’s wigs


  • They are not ideal for complete hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy or other health conditions
  • Hair toppers need to match the color and texture of your existing hair
  • It can take some time to style hair with toppers

Which One Should You Choose?

Both women’s wigs and toppers come with their pros and cons. But which hairpiece you use depends on what exactly you are looking for. Women who need complete hair coverage find wigs more suitable than toppers. On the other hand, toppers can be the best option for those who want to style their natural hair with additional volume. Toppers are also ideal to conceal hair thinning or bald patches or spots.

Wigs come in different shapes and styles. Both human hair and synthetic hair wigs allow users to try different hairstyles. Women’s hair toppers usually cover the top of the head. However, there are others that also cover both the sides and back of women’s heads. When choosing toppers, it is necessary to consider the following factors – hair color, texture, style, hair length and size. Thus, you can understand which topper is suitable for you.


Both wigs and toppers can be helpful for women after hair loss or hair thinning. Just choose the suitable hair system and get your self-esteem, confidence and beauty back!


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