10 Ways to Make Moving a Little Less Stressful

Moving opens doors for new opportunities, a fresh beginning, a new job, and a new home. However, it is considered one of the most stressful moments you can go through. Irrespective of the number of times you have moved, it does not get any better. However, you can take advantage of some practical things to make moving less stressful. Here are ten ways to do it.

  1. Create a Moving Checklist

The best way to make moving less stressful is to create a checklist of what you need to do. It ensures everything is catered for and you don’t leave anything behind. Furthermore, having a list helps you create a deadline for when you should finish a specific job.

  1. Have a Budget

Moving will also be less stressful if you know how much you are willing to spend. Therefore, create a budget based on the things that need to be covered. This helps you decide how much to spend on what and prevents accumulating expenses.

  1. Start Packing Early

Another secret to reducing stress when moving is starting early. Unless you are moving on short notice, start packing a month before the moving day. It gives you ample time to do everything at your pace and avoid the last-minute rush.

  1. Declutter Before Packing

Having too many items can make it stressful to pack. Therefore, it is best to sort out your item first before you start packing. Know what you need to keep and what to sell, donate or throw away. Decluttering leaves you with the important items only and reduces the load.

  1. Hire Professional Movers

The ultimate solution to making moving less stressful is hiring professional movers to do the job. Consider hiring Meyer Moving to handle the complex tasks, and if your budget allows you, they can do everything from packing to unpacking.

  1. Pack One Room at a Go

Stay organized by packing one room at a time. This is the only technique to ensure everything is done and you don’t have unpacked items during the moving day.

  1. Ask for Help

You should not go through the stress alone. Ask your family or friends to help you move. If they cannot help you pack, ask them to babysit or spend time with you.

  1. Gather Packing Supplies Early

Make sure you get packing supplies early. It minimizes the stress of looking for the materials at the last minute. Get wrapping papers, boxes, tape, markers, and anything else you need.

  1. Label Your Boxes Correctly

Labeling your boxes will also minimize the stress. Label them correctly depending on what is inside and their room. It will make it easy to pack and unpack. You will also minimize the headache of guessing which box belongs where.

  1. Separate Your Valuables

We advise packing valuable separately so that you will not worry about losing them or getting damaged. Look for special packing materials and don’t load them on the truck.


Moving can be stressful when you don’t know what to do. However, if you know about these tips, it will make moving a bit easier and minimize the hassle. So, start early and ask for help. Hiring movers to do the job will also be a good idea.

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