5 Mistakes when Choosing Leather Harness

Luxury harness for woman is tightly included in the fashionable and sexual life with new ideas.

The best manufacturers strive for diversity, come up with items with and without decor, different colors and weaves, for different parts of the body.

It fits many styles: gothic, military, hippie, steampunk, classic, minimalism. But belts look feminine if they are worn under the right image. That is why we want to draw your attention to the mistakes associated with wearing a belt, so that this accessory will bring you only positive emotions.

Now more about the errors in woman harness style compleeting.

1. You have chosen a harness without taking into account the individual characteristics of the physique

Although you would not like to follow fashion trends, you should always adequately evaluate your appearance. This sexy accessory is not for everyone. It is undesirable to include it in the image if the physique does not allow it:

  • Overweight. The harness is designed to emphasize the refined curves of the female body, so the product is best worn by slender ladies, the decoration will draw unnecessary attention to the folds, it will squeeze.
  • Big bust. With all the advantages of a large chest, it does not look aesthetically pleasing with a harness.
  • Wide shoulders. The accessory will only emphasize their size and break the proportions of the body.

Poor posture interferes with wearing, firstly, it is difficult to find the perfect fit, and secondly, not only the “necessary” curves will stand out, but also those lines that are undesirable to accentuate.

2. Combining the women harness with other accessories made your look ridiculous.

Making it look ridiculous is very easy. But dressing up stylishly and harmoniously is a whole art. It is not difficult to wear such a self-sufficient accessory correctly, you just need to adhere to some nuances when combining wardrobe items with accessories: How can you know about online best website econtentmags and iloungenews  more need full site happn. If you need zoosk website so click now clipers. This site have scoopearth best information.

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  • the fewer additional accessories (bracelets, watches, large earrings, necklaces, etc.) will be worn at the same time as the harness, the more effective this combination will look;
  • it is important to combine a belt with plain things without additional decorations (stones, beads, sequins, embroideries), various ornaments will not be appropriate.

If the figure is thin, taller than average, then it is worth picking up thin straps (up to 1 cm wide). Ladies with a well-fed body should choose 2-3 cm wider leather garters belt

Women’s harness goes well with accessories of a similar style: lingerie bondage, choker and bdsm harnesses (lingerie bondage, strapon harness, collars slave, bunny bondage).

3. Wrong color combination of the main clothes and harness

Combining different combinations of colors of clothes and accessories can be done in different ways, but it will not always work out to look stylish and harmonious.

  • Contrasts. TThis is a win-win option for any item of clothing. Bright colors or white tones curb black straps, it will be interesting to look at a tandem of warm and cold colors (for example, turquoise in clothes + red harness, pink dress + green straps, etc.). When choosing the color of the belt, it is better to choose accessories to match it (if necessary).
  • «Tone to tone». The most popular option for such wearing is black clothes and black straps (as a variation – white clothes and white straps). Red sets, blue, beige, etc. are also selected. Tandems “tone on tone” are very popular for everyday wear, as they are not perceived as vulgar and vulgar in almost any interpretation of the outfit.
  • The game of shades. Different shades of the same color also look harmonious and not flashy. A lighter shade can be both for the accessory and for the outfit itself. Any items of clothing for such a combination can be used: shirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

4. The harness material does not live up to your expectations

When choosing a harness, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made, because each has its own characteristics.

Genuine Leather. The most common material is genuine leather, it lasts a long time, does not lose its properties and shape. These harnesses look quite impressive, but it should be remembered that they have a relatively high price.

Imitation leather. High-quality leather substitutes have almost the same appearance as genuine leather. The leather substitute quickly wears out, loses its attractiveness, you can buy it for the first time to take a closer look, try out the accessory. It also attracts with its low price.

Satin, elastic bands or fabrics. Such products are practical in care, most often quick-drying 100% polyester is used.

Metal. The harness is complemented by metal chains and rings. They can have different widths and lengths, interesting design solutions. Such accessories attract the eye with their unusualness and airiness, they look elegant. Often, products are additionally decorated with decorative stones.

Silicone. Harness can also be created using silicone straps. This material is able to easily take the shape of the body, without causing inconvenience. Silicone elements can also be made in various colors. Such a harness looks stylish, is inexpensive, pleasant to wear, but quickly loses its appearance with frequent use.

5. Savings on product quality

Often we do not delve into the features and characteristics of the product, we “buy” on the first impression or make a purchase in an online store, focusing on the seller’s photo. This is a mistake that will lead to disappointment and will not bring you positive emotions from using the product. Therefore, it is better to buy, of course, from reliable stores and brands. One of these is an online store of branded products Obsessharness

The Obsessharness brand produces various models of premium class harnesses for women. They are made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials (genuine belt leather, patent leather, nappa, accessories). Many of the samples are made in a neat classic style, they can be suitable for different looks.

Harness for woman from this brand are equipped with special small buckles that allow you to adjust the grip strength. They will be a wonderful gift for a girl or woman.

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