The Intersection of Fashion and Function for Motorcycle Riders

When you think of motorcycle gear, what comes to mind? Helmets, leather jackets, and boots are probably at the top of the list. But there’s another essential accessory that many riders swear by: sunglasses. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, but they also add an element of style to your look. In recent years, sunglasses have become a must-have fashion accessory for motorcycle riders. And one brand that has caught the attention of the community is Leoide. We will explore how Leoide designed a pair of sunglasses name Thorne that has become a go-to choice for motorcyclists and how the brand’s unique style has made it a standout in the industry.

Leoide’s Unique Style:

Leoide’s sunglasses are known for their metal and grunge vintage style, which makes them a perfect fit for the motorcycle community. The brand draws inspiration from the 70s and 80s rock scene, and their emerald green sunglasses reflect that vibe. Their frames are bold and edgy, and their lens options include polarised sunglasses that are perfect for riders who need a clear vision on the road.

Designs That Work Well with Motorcycles:

When it comes to sunglasses for motorcycle riders, there are a few key design features to look for. First and foremost, they need to fit well under a helmet. Leoide’s sunglasses have thin metal frames that sit close to the face, making them a great choice for riders who don’t want to sacrifice style for function. Additionally, their lens options provide clear vision, even in bright sunlight, which is essential for safe riding. And to top it all off, each pair of Leoide sunglasses comes with a designer sunglasses case, ensuring that they stay protected when not in use.

Leoide and the Motorcycle Community:

Leoide has quickly become a favourite among motorcycle riders, thanks in part to their unique style and high-quality designs. But the brand’s appeal goes beyond just aesthetics. They understand the needs of riders and have crafted their sunglasses with those needs in mind. The result is a product that not only looks great but performs well on the road.

Leoide has also embraced the motorcycle community and has made efforts to connect with riders on social media platforms. They regularly feature photos of their sunglasses on riders, showcasing how their designs look in action. And they’ve even sponsored motorcycle events and rallies, further solidifying their place in the community.

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for motorcycle riders, and Leoide has become a go-to brand for those who want style and function. With their metal and grunge vintage style, polarised lens options, and designer sunglasses case, Leoide has created a product that not only looks great but performs well on the road. And their efforts to connect with the motorcycle community have only solidified their place as a favourite among riders. If you’re a rider looking for a new pair of sunglasses, Leoide is definitely worth checking out.

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