12 Ways To Transition Your Outfits From Summer to Fall

Summer and fall have two completely different fashion styles. However, if you plan carefully, many pieces you already have can transition from hot weather into cooler temperatures.

1. Evaluate Your Underwear

Many ladies have found that underwear can impact the look of their outfits and how they feel in them. Consider the change of seasons as a good opportunity to evaluate the underwear you have in order to see what should stay and what needs to go. For example, if some of your bras are the wrong size or underwear has rips in it, it’s time to upgrade to higher-quality pieces that you love and that fit you well. Make sure you have panties that work well with your favorite fall pieces, like a knit midi dress.

2. Switch Your Shapewear

Assess your shapewear just as you’re doing with your underwear. Get rid of anything stretched out, torn, damaged, stained or uncomfortable to wear. Replace them with options you adore. Additionally, some shapewear might not have the right structure for your specific fall wardrobe. Switch out your shapewear for women with undergarments that seem better suited to fall.

3. Evaluate Your Current Fall Wardrobe

Go through your entire fall wardrobe and take stock of what you do and don’t have. Keep only the pieces you know you’ll wear. Then discard the ones that don’t fit, are beyond repair, or that you no longer want. While you’re going through everything, make a list of basics you don’t have but think would make good additions to your fall wardrobe.

4. Consider What Staples You Need

Once you have a list of fall staples you want to add to your wardrobe, narrow it down to pieces you’ll actually wear. Let’s say you have a leather jacket on the list. It might be great in theory, but decide if it’s something you’re going to wear and if you feel it’s worth the investment. When you have your final selections, browse websites and visit stores in person to see where you can get what you want at the right price.

5. Change Your Footwear

Chances are you won’t wear flip-flops in the fall, but you’ll likely continue to sport your favorite sneakers and other options that can work in chilly weather. Swap your warm-weather footwear for shoes you’ll wear during the colder months.

Your Outfits From Summer to Fall2

6. Put Away What You Won’t Wear

Make your closet fall-focused, and include clothes you’ll continue to wear this winter. Many items, like T-shirts, you can still sport in autumn as is or layered with other apparel like bomber jackets or cardigans. However, other pieces, like mini dresses, will only take up space unless you plan on pairing them with tights. Pull out any strict summer pieces, and store them until you need them again.

7. Check the Quality of Your Current Fall Items

Review each piece in your fall wardrobe to make sure that the seams are intact and that there are no holes, rips or stains anywhere on the front or back. You don’t want to get excited about wearing the pieces only to find out at the last moment that you’re unable to.

8. Focus on Fall Colors

Whether you’re buying new pieces or sifting through your current items, make fall colors a major component of your autumn wardrobe. Browns, creams, black, white, reds, emerald green, rust and orange are some of the must-haves that work through fall and into winter.

9. Plan Your Outfits

One of the best ways to know what will and won’t work for your current fall style preferences is to plan some outfits. Once you have removed your summer pieces and only your fall items remain, start laying outfits on a flat surface to see which articles are most versatile. Say you have a long-sleeved black bodysuit. It can look just as great with a leather jacket, straight-leg jeans and knee-high leather boots as it would with tailored gray dress pants and black heels.

Consider making a list of potential outfit options. This can help you if you ever get to a point where you’re stuck for fashionable outfit ideas even while you’re staring into your closet.

10. Select Pieces in Your Favorite Fall Fabrics and Textures

Summer to Fall

Certain fabrics and textures are quintessentially autumn. Leather, corduroy, cable knit and suede are just some of the many to include in your fall wardrobe. If you don’t have these fabrics and textures, add them to the list of items you want to pick up to round out your autumn attire. Jackets and button-up sweaters composed of such materials can add a huge boost of style versatility for the season.

11. Pick Staple Handbags

Some handbags have a definite summer vibe. If your current bag is one of them, switch it out for staple handbags that can fit well into the colder seasons. Think of a black leather shoulder bag rather than a water hyacinth bag.

12. Choose Fall and Winter Accessories

Put items like wide-brim straw hats and lightweight scarves away for the next several months in favor of chunky scarves and complementary gloves. Get all your fall and winter accessories ready, so you’re prepared for the arrival of chilly temperatures.

Prepare for the Transition From Summer to Fall

Don’t wait until the last minute to switch your wardrobe from summer to fall. The sooner you start the task, the sooner you’ll get it done so that you won’t have to worry about it. Although it will likely be a big project, your fashionista self deserves to look fabulous in the upcoming cooler weather. Prepare now, and you’ll be ready before the first fall leaf hits the ground.

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