KuCoin Tips To Saving From Scammers In Crypto World

The KuCoin name is known by everyone who is a part of the crypto world. It is possible because KuCoin provides one place for all operations of cryptocurrency. There are lots of features provided by KuCoin in the crypto world, like the security of their assets which is similar to banking system security, buying or selling of cryptocurrency via debit or credit card, peer-to-peer transaction, margin, and futures trading, and several other activities are going on their platform. KuCoin is one of the most beginner-friendly platforms. There are several other precautions and steps taken by KuCoin to make the crypto trader’s assets, and we will discuss them in this article.

KuCoin Tips to Avoid Scammers

As we all know, cryptocurrency is highly popular worldwide, and many big investors are interested in it. It is also considered a future currency of the world nowadays. Due to its biggest acceptance globally, scammers are also jumping into this market and becoming more advanced with time. KuCoin provides some tips to crypto traders to save you from their attacks.

Avoid Fake Ads During Browsing

During searching your crypto exchange on a web browser, make sure you open the right website of your respective cryptocurrency platform. Sometimes you will find ads running on a search engine, and their name is quite similar to the trading platform you operate.

Create More Secure Password

It is one of the important suggestions provided by KuCoin to save you from any activity of scammers. It would help if you created a strong password during creating an account on KuCoin. This will make it difficult for scammers to hack your account. Recent research shows that 50 percent of traders used the same password on their different crypto wallets. This technique is highly dangerous and opens more doors for scammers. A strong password contains 10 characters, including numbers, letters, and special characters.

Using Password Manager

Now it is difficult for many users to remember their credentials while using different crypto wallets. Here the password manager plays a vital role and helps you secure your passwords in one place. Using this tool, you don’t have to remember all your passwords, providing a high level of security for your digital currency. 

Enabling 2 Factor Authentication

This feature is one of the most successful in securing your wallet from fraudsters. KuCoin 2-factor authentication ensures that you must enter a code they send to your email and phone into a crypto wallet. Now, if you want to keep BTC, ETH, SHIB, SOL, DOGE, etc., you don’t have to worry much after taking these precautions.


KuCoin is a world-leading platform of cryptocurrency with its user-friendly website. They provide you an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by lending it via Pool-X. They charge the lowest fee at their exchange. KuCoin sends its 90 percent fee back to its community through KCS tokens. KuCoin also provides all security tips to traders; we already discussed some of them in this post.

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