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The Arabian architecture is adjusted and modified according to its climate and region. The architecture of the housing is as pleasant and graceful as the Arabian culture. The traditional culture of Arabia is gloriously reflected by the vernacular and postmodern architecture. Thus, an architecture as unique as Mashrabiya signifies the sagacity of the Arabian dwellers. The traditional architecture tells Arabian history just by looking at it. The unbridled sight of euphony and pattern that pours out the conventional Arabic house styles are genuinely some diverse elements. However, modernization throughout the decades has affected the architecture and has refined it into a new form with the contrast of modern as well as traditional aesthetics in the architecture. The architecture of local housing styles exterior is as lavish and grand as of a palace. The Islamic touch on the exterior walls of the building should, in Saudi Arabia, fill the eyes of the beholder to make one fall in love with the architecture. This article is for you to let you know more about the aesthetic styles and flattering designs of Arabian Architecture.

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Traditional Arabian Housing Style

Arabian countries have different styles of housing which were derived from their history. However, they share a few elements in the architectural stylings due to their similar climate and religious beliefs. Traditional styles are somewhat similar in Arabian countries. A large courtyard and garden were essential and designed in every building for enough sunlight to fall on the exterior and ensure enough heat to enter the building. The building was designed with a massive Majaz- the entrance and an area of the building is styled with the combination of Qa’ah, and the Malqaf (reception area and wind-catcher area) along with triple glazing wooden windows as privacy was an integral part of the Arabians in consequence of the building to be introverted with a grand opening and entrance area. However, the walls were painted white or being and were kept plain.  Some of the Arabian buildings that represent the traditional architecture are  Nassif in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; AL-Aqili House in Deira, Dubai; Bait Al Bader in Kuwait; Beit Sheikh Isa Bin Ali, Muharraq, Bahrain.

Modern Arabian Housing Style

Creating bold contemporary architectural styles for a building that also parallels the traditional architecture of the Arabians was challenging. The criteria to accentuate the veiled heritage with a faultless blend of modernism on the exterior will create a perfect design that shows the elegance of today’s world yet resembles the Islamic traditions. The modern building has separate and isolated living space to allow a gathering of friends and relatives along with a massive entrance with a garden and large windows to let the magnificent view of the garden.  The exteriors are designed with simple modernity along with traditional modesty. The combination creates a sophisticated and elegant interface to the architecture that elevates the building in its best exterior and interior form.

Arabian Housing styles have been modernized thoroughly over the decades, yet with a touch of ancient Arabic Architecture. The two types of housing have different effects on people’s hearts as the uniqueness in them is what outshines the most.

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