Magnetic save the dates for your fridge

Have you ever wondered why you always forget your kid’s or partner’s birthday? Or why is it always you who is forgetful of the big events of your life? Well, it is not about your memory always, instead it can be the poor management and ways to remember such events.

If you wish to make your wedding, or birthdays amazing and memorable, then we would advise you to go an extra mile. Like many people try to remember their wedding anniversaries just by the cards, but it is not possible, they need to get something memorable to hang on the wall, so that the decoration piece should always remind them of the auspicious date.

So instead of getting embarrassed in front of your family members and friends for not remembering the special days of your life. It would be great to invest a few bucks on the things that really matter.

The best way to get these amazing props to remember the special days like birthdays and weddings would get them while preparing for your wedding. For example, the save the date cards can be designed in such a way that they should be used as a memorable article forever. Currently, many people are thinking of magnetic save the dates for their fridges, and their relatives’ fridges.

Here many of you might think that why would someone need a magnetic save the date when we can easily set an alarm and reminder on the mobile phone. Well, it is not really hard to realise that we have several busy bees, and older citizens who are forgetful, adn chances are that they might not attend the big days that often. However, each one of them would open their frigid every single day, thus, by having anything that stays in front of their eyes every day they will remember the big days pretty easily.

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If your wedding, or birthday is approaching, and you are thinking of some creative invites that would make the event even memorable for you. Then you must consider the option of magnetic save the dates.

Are magnetic save the dates expensive?

So the first thing first, many people think that the magnetic save the dates will cost them ten times more than a regular invitation. If you are thinking of getting a paper printed invite then keep in mind that these will pollute the environment; moreover, there is no point in having them these days because the guests would lose them. So a practical approach would be having something worth keeping like a fridge magnet.

Now coming towards the price, so yes, it is more expensive than the regular wedding card, but not ten times. Furthermore, you should know how many people from your guest list would keep that magnet as a memory. So you must only order for the minimum number of required magnets. Like you may order three to four times for the spouse’s side, and the same number for your side.

What should be the designs for the fridge magnet save the dates?

Nwo coming towards the main concern of design. Here is where most people get stuck. Noone really knows what you should choose as a design. Trust us it can be anything depending on the occasion.

For sentence, if it is the wedding occasion, then you may have a picture of you and your spouse-to-be, pasted on the fridge. Turts us your parents will love this idea.

Another option can be having only the initials of your names, with the date written beneath the initials. It will also be a good option to remind you of your anniversary, and even when you would be sending this as a wedding card to someone they will also be able to remember or recall the date very easily.

Tips to make the magnet save the dates worthy

  • Always choose the best invite designer for that. If you are unable to get the invitation designers, then it would be best to rely on an illustrator for they know how to create a design that you want.
  • Contact people who know about the best type of magnet that is also safe for the fridge and other surfaces.

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