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Women’s Fashion Changed Drastically in These Year (1950 to Present)

With time almost everything changes. And fashion trends change quite a lot with time. Moreover, people love to keep up with the trend. Fashion helps us to enlighten our natural beauty and personality. People with different characters prefer to stay trendy in their ways. And that is why in the world of fashion we can see so many various things. Keeping up with the trend can be pretty fun.

How Fashion Trends Changed With Time

“History repeats itself.” This phase is applicable in the world of fashion trends. Some things were trendy during the 1990s. And after decades, the same things became fashionable again. If you are interested in fashion, knowing about the changes in style with time will help you gain more knowledge. Let’s get into details about the changes.

  1. Fashion Trends During the 1950s

During 1950, the fashion trends reflected the joy of people after the war ended. When world war II ended, there was a massive change in fashion. So during 1950, women used to wear dresses all the time. And the dresses were made in such a way that when a woman wears them, she can show off her figure. And women started to keep their hair long. And then they would curl their hair at the end. In the case of men, their style became “greaser.” This means that men would wear black leather jackets, jeans, and a white T-shirt.

  1. Fashion Trends During the 1970s

The fashion trends of the 1970s were groovy as well as a hippie. During the period, everything was quite colorful. People used to wear bright clothes all the time. And the famous type of clothing includes mini skirts, bell-bottom pants, and tie-dye. If you wear very colorful clothes, you will get a lot of appreciation and attention. During the 1979s, both men and women started to keep their hair long. And keeping mustache and beard was a trend for men. The trends reflected the good times of 1970.

  1. Fashion Trends During the 1980s

All the fashion trends of the 1980s were influenced by music. And music such as heavy metal, punk rock, and rap was famous. So women started to wear bug jewelry as well as their makeup became very colorful and eye-catching. Young-aged girls wore lots of black clothing along with heavy eyeliner. Moreover, both women and men wore fitness clothes. And those fitness clothes used to be very colorful.

  1. Fashion Trends During the 1990s.

You can say that the trends of the 1990s were less colorful and more down-to-earth. Women started to wear makeup that looked more natural and subtle. Mostly both men and women began to wear plain colored shirts along with jeans. During the period, converse shoes were a necessity. And another favorite thing was piercing.

  1. Present Fashion Trends

Currently, people dress up that is based on different things. Nowadays loose t-shirt and jeans are pretty famous. And boys like to wear simple things.

You can wear whatever you want. If you feel beautiful, then it’s a fashion of your own.


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